The IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Advisor) service is a short term to medium, crisis lead intervention aimed at high risk victims of domestic abuse. IDVA’s are support workers who pro actively work with clients from point of crisis in order to create a safety plan which can lead to long term safety for clients and their families. This can be a variety of safety measures including moving to a place of safety, gaining court orders to helping to make practical changes such as different telephone numbers. IDVA’s like to meet with each individual as quickly as possible in order to help assess what safety measures are the most appropriate for each person.

IDVA’s are independent of other organisations in order to help advocate for their service users. IDVA’s also provide a single point of contact for service users when dealing with more than one agency. IDVA’s can be asked to be kept informed so they can help pass that information along in a way that is understandable and quick. IDVA’s also make referrals to other agencies such as the CAB to make sure that service users are getting the best support possible.

There are two IDVA’s who work within the Pathway Project we work with female and male victims over the age of 16 who are experiencing high levels of domestic abuse. High risk is determined by completing a CAADA-DASH Risk Indicator Checklist and is reflected by the circumstances being heard in a multi agency setting. IDVA’s attend the local MARAC as the voice of the victim. We feed into other agencies what a service user needs to be safe and how they are feeling about their options. The IDVA’s job is to make sure this is taken into consideration when decisions are being made in a multi agency setting.

There is also a court based IDVA who works with in the Tamworth and Lichfield area. This IDVA keeps service user updated throughout the court process and will provide support on the day of trial if necessary.

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