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Isolation can keep you in an abusive relationship for a long time. Not being able to find out what would happen if you left, having no-one to talk to, and lacking any basic infomation, all make life even more difficult.

If you are a technophobe and scared to touch a computer we will help you to get started and find what you want. Contact us for details and we can put you in touch with the whole world, safely.

Domestic abuse isn’t just violence
Many people think that if they aren’t being hit, punched or strangled they are not victims of domestic abuse. This is a myth. There are many ways that people can abuse someone and many of the most damaging do not involve any physical contact. If you are reading our website it may be that you feel that something is wrong in your relationship. If you are concerned then the following questions might help you:

  • Does your partner call you names or put you down in front of others?
  • Do they isolate you from family and friends?
  • Do they withhold money?
  • Have there been any sexual assaults?
  • Do they make threats towards you?

Emotional abuse is one of the most damaging types of abuse and the effects stay with you for a lot longer than most of the physical scars.

You may recognise that the questions we ask make you feel uncomfortable. Admitting to yourself that your relationship is in trouble is the first step to getting help. That help may lead to you working through your problems with your partner, if he is willing to do that. Or it may mean that you have to end the relationship for your own safety and sanity. Having the right information and support can help you to make that choice and to know how to do it safely.Whether you have lived with abuse for weeks, months or years the real question is this: Do you want to look back in 10 years from now and be still dealing with the same issues, still feeling fearful, anxious or unhappy? Do you really want to still have this decision ahead of you, or do you want to have made some changes now that lead to a much happier future.Whatever your reason for feeling that your relationship isn’t working out, please call us today and share your worries and concerns. If you were concerned enough to find our website then you may need to be concerned enough to take the next step and talk to someone – anonymously if you wish. We are happy to support you and maybe we can help you to find ways of preventing the abuse from escalating.

If you are in a relationship and you have concerns about the behaviour of your partner you may be able to find out whether they have a history of domestic abuse convictions. If you are concerned about a close family member and you believe their partner may have been abusive to others you can also consider applying under Clare’s Law for that information. This leaflet will tell you how to apply and what you may be able to find out as a result.

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‘We weren’t a part of Grace’s story but if you are suffering domestic or sexual abuse, we could be part of yours and help you to find your own happy ending. Working with a wider partnership we can help you with a range of issues, and refer you to more specialist help where it is most appropriate.’

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